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Recent blog posts

Posted by on in General Events & News
  Jesus said if you have the faith of even a mustard seed, you’ll be able to move mountains. A mustard seed is approximately 1 millimeter in size. That’s miniscule. That begs the question, what is faith? According to Webster, it’s a strong BELIEF or trust in someone or something. I find the definition in the Bible to be more exact: Hebrews 11:1 says Faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see. So it’s BELIEVING something is going to happen, being certain of that something, before it actually happens. Sounds simple enough. Try putting it into practice, and you’ll find it’s more than a notion. Recently I’ve been grappling with my own belief or lack thereof, if you will. How much faith do I have? As you may or may not know, I recently finished my latest novel and am currently shopping it around to agents. In my humble opinion, this phase of the road to publication is beyond grueling and nerve-wracking, because once you make that submission; you have no CONTROL over the recipient. You have no idea how your precious story wil...
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Posted by on in One Harte, Two Loves
  You read it correctly. Yep, I did the unthinkable for a woman who’s the poster child for weight watchers—not the organization, but the countless females who pride themselves on keeping their figures in check. That’s just how carefree I was over the holidays. I had two weeks off of my nine-to-five and I went buckwild! Sacramento has the best Popeyes Chicken in the nation and that’s what I ate for dinner while I hung out with my brother and sister-in-law for four of the fourteen days I was not working. Two wings, red beans and rice, and a biscuit smothered in butter and strawberry jam. Yep, I had lost my mind in vacationville. I saw the Gambler with Mark Wahlberg and then got my own game on at the casino. Won some, gave some back. It was fabulous. Stayed up watching TV until three in the morning and slept in until noon. I told you I was a novelist gone wild. You have no idea how it feels to not have to sit in freeway traffic that’s moving at a snail’s pace. I travel three-hundred and fifty miles a week, that’s seven-hundred miles I didn’t have to driv...
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Posted by on in The Baby in the Window
When I reflect on this past year, I’m imbued with an overwhelming sense of gratitude.  I have so much to be grateful for, and when I count it all up, it surpasses 2014. I have a loving God, my health, a wonderful husband, a great place to live, an income, a passion, and family and friends who love me, and so much more.  On the career front, this time ten years ago, I was vacillating over whether or not to self-publish my debut novel, Daughter Denied. I couldn’t pay an agent to represent me. Daughter Denied was self-published in 2008 and within the past year, I acquired literary representation, have written five novels, three of which have been published. I became a recipient of the Jesse Redmon Fauset Fiction Literary award for my indie novel, Four Ladies Only, and I’ve had several novels on Amazon’s bestsellers list. In October, my play Sacrificing Simone opened to sold out audiences, and in November I completed a new novel in a new genre—new adult literary suspense. My fan base is growing and my book sales are steadily increasing. I have a lot to...
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Posted by on in The Baby in the Window
At least I could in my dreams last night.  I can’t recall the last time I had a flying dream. But this morning I woke up and immediately remembered taking flight in my dreams. It was an incredible, exhilarating feeling. In the dream I was approaching strangers trying to convince them that I could fly. Then I would step back, push off, and soar into the sky, leaving them below with their mouths agape. Curious about the meaning, I searched several dream websites and found numerous interpretations—the most common being that the dream represents that I’m on top of a situation and that I have risen above something. It may also mean that I have gained a new and different perspective on things.  Some feel that flying dreams and the ability to control your flight is indicative of your own personal sense of power. On top of things?  Risen above? Hmm, interesting. Perhaps there is some truth to that analysis. Just recently I successfully co-produced and directed fifteen people in my play, Sacrificing Simone, while at the same time promoting the first t...
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Posted by on in The Baby in the Window
  Today is my 15th wedding anniversary. That is truly a miracle. Fifteen years ago I believed I had a better chance at winning the lottery than landing a husband.  Well, God showed up and showed out and sent me a wonderful man.  We’ve been going through life together as a team, he in pursuit of balance and a stronger spiritual life and me in pursuit of my longtime dreams and goals:  1)      To land a good agent.  2)      To land a publishing deal.  3)      To have at least one novel on any bestsellers list.  4)      Obtain a good publicist.  5)      To have at least one novel optioned and turned into a major motion picture.  6)      To have enough money to live my dream full time.  7)      To have at least one of my plays produced on a major stage.  8)      To have at least one of my plays optioned a...
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